Odds and ends Gamers overlook: PC Gamers part II

Hey welcome to the second part of my article about things gamers tend to overlook. The first one I went over things console gamers overlook, the TV, headset, and chair. Anyway, this time I’ll be catering to PC gamers. The truth of the matter is that PC gamers have a whole lot more things to consider. You have keyboard, mouse, monitor, chair, and desk. There’s probably other stuff but those of course are the main ones. This is considering that the centerpiece of it all is your gaming system, which is probably the thing you spend the most money on along with games for it. Like I said in the last article, that’s great because that’s where you get the most bang for your dollar.

So what’s the best things to keep in mind when you are out looking for a keyboard, mouse, monitor, chair, and desk? Well let me cover the monitor first. This is much like the situation with the gaming TV for console gamers, you want something that doesn’t have much input lag. There’s also this spec called refresh rate, and a lot of gamers swear by having a high refresh rate like 144hz. This will smooth over the visuals and perhaps even react faster than other people. Obviously there are all these new resolutions out there for monitors now too. I’d suggest going with a 1080p or 1440p max if you want to keep your performance at an all time high. Too many pixels without enough system juice will mean a slower experience.

Keyboards and mice are pretty easy. And there are so many options. I can’t believe how many peripheral manufacturerers are out there now. I’d suggest just sticking with a company like Razer because you know you’re going to get quality with them. There is a lot of rip offs out there and I’ve been burned a few times with things that break in a couple months.

Chairs and desks. You know, not a lot of people think about this just as with the console gamer not thinking about where they park their tukus. Well start thinking about it because if you’re like me and do some serious gaming… I’m talking hours and hours at a time, you need a good freakin chair. Sure you might spend a couple hundred on it but its better then going to Walmart and getting a piece of crap that kills your back and gets uncomfortable after an hour of gaming. Go on Amazon and order a good one and your going to thank me for it. Desks aren’t as important but you don’t want something too high or low or you increase your chances of getting carpal tunnel. Also you don’t want something to small or your going to overload it with crap and not be able to find anything.

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