Odds and ends Gamers overlook: Console Gamers part I

For most gamers the focus lies on the game and the machine you are relying on to power said game. And to be honest that’s where most of the focus should be. For console gamers, this is your xbox or playstation or wii. And then its the game you pop into them, your game of choice. Of course for PC gamers this gets a bit more complicated because of customization of systems. You can have a powerful rig or not so powerful. You can play on max settings or low settings. So many times people will focus spending their money on graphics cards and processors, the two main workhorses of the gaming computer. But for gamers there is more than just these tools. If you look beyond these basics, there’s a whole world out there.

I think the big one for console gamers is the TV, headset, and chair. The visual experience, audio, and comfort level can all be enhanced to have the most fun possible.

A legit TV is a must have for a serious gamer. Did you even know there are TVs that are better for gaming than others? It comes down to a spec called input lag. Its like internet lag but its the delay between the time an action is taken in game and it appears on your TV. Some TVs have way lower input lag times and that’s what you should be gaming on.

There is this little company called X Rocker, you may have heard of them. They create pretty cool gaming chairs that have audio speakers built in. Also you can rock in them so if you get excited your body can express itself.

Last but not least is a headset. You want one that attempts to replicate a surround sound experience. Why? Because this gives you an advantage. Especially when you turn the sound all the way up. Have you ever run around corners or through a building in call of duty and someone is just waiting for you and you get gunned down without even a half second to react? The other player probably has a surround sound headset like one from Turtle Beach. They can hear you and the direction you are coming from. Boom your dead.

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