My list of gaming sites – a complete resource

Over the years I’ve built up a bookmark list of gaming sites that I frequent. I have probably seen all of the popular ones, and spent a great deal of time on each. But there are some that time and again I agree with their ratings and opinions the most. Of course, this is like just my opinion too so take it or leave it.

Reviews of games

There are so many sites out there that review games. It’s an easy business to get into, you buy a game, play it, than write about your experience. If you’re already playing video games then its not much trouble to do reviews. Anyway, here are some of my favorite game review sites:

  1. Metacritic. This gives you a good overview of the game in question. It synthesizes information from a bunch of review sites.
  2. PC Gamer. Obviously no console game reviews here, but this magazine has been around for a long time and has some of the best writers and reviews of PC games anywhere.
  3. Lazy Game Reviews. This is a really cool YouTube channel that has tons of stuff. It’s something just for fun to check out as it has some funny reviews on it.
  4. The Video Game Critic. This site has been around since 1999 and is my favorite independent reviews site.

Reviews of gaming supplies

As the gaming past time has grown, companies have sprung up everywhere. It always seems like there’s a new peripherals company just around the corner. The cool thing is that means there’s a lot of competition for your money, and a lot of choices. That choices part can be troublesome sometimes though because how do you know the options and what is best for your situation. Here are some sites I have used:

  1. Tom’s Hardware. You have to do a little bit of digging in this site, but there is a large helpful community that backs it up. If you have a question there’s usually a couple people that will share their opinions with you.
  2. Kotaku. This is a crowdsourcing site and shifting through the comments and review sections can usually give you a lot of good ideas.
  3. PC Gamer. I already mentioned them above but they also have a reviews section for PC gaming stuff. They cover a few popular items in depth and test them thoroughly.


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